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Coming to a new country opens a lot of new experiences and adventures. At times the newness can get a bit overwhelming, and that’s when having the support of something familiar makes one feel at home. ICICI Bank UK Plc has played just that role.

ICICI Bank UK Plc has been an integral part of my UK journey, with financial services that have supported me not only in the UK but also streamlining my finances in India too. I have been a premium customer of theirs for over a decade now, and the experience has been professional and personable at the same time.

When I came to UK, I started my journey from scratch. Being a media professional, I knew that was my career path but at the same time I wanted to make a difference. London – the multicultural capital of the world – has opportunities and a diverse population, but I noticed a gap. There was a lack of communication and representation for Britain’s multicultural audience. For example - as a British Indian or an Indian in the UK, there were no brands or organisations that were talking to us. In 2005, I started Here and Now 365 with an aim to bridge the gap between brands and multicultural audiences in the UK through bespoke communications.

Today, Here and Now 365 is the leading multicultural media agency in the UK and not only have we helped brands here connect to the diaspora in the UK, but also assisted Indian brands in breaking into the UK market. Partnering the diaspora and brands in better integrating within UK’s diverse demography, just like ICICI UK Plc partnered me.

Even away from India, I know I have a bit of it with me through ICICI Bank UK Plc.

Manish Tiwari
MD : Here and now 365